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Helping homeowners buy with confidence.

Your Trusted Home Inspection Service

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Professional Real Estate Inspection

4G Home Inspection follows the Texas Real Estate Commission Standard Operating Procedure to inspect the many systems in your home to help you buy with confidence.


Up to 2,000 sq.ft. - $350.00

2,001-2,500 sq.ft. - $390.00

2,501-3,000 sq.ft. - $450.00

3,001-3,500 sq.ft. - $500.00

3,501-4,000 sq.ft. - $575.00

Over $4,000 sq.ft. - Call for pricing 

Pool/Spa Inspections -$100

Outbuildings -$100 *(Additional fees if the outbuilding has plumbing or HVAC).

*Additional fees may apply to inspection if the home is 30 years old or more. 

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Lavon, TX, USA


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